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Michael Butler (mbutler@ocv1.ocv.com)
Thu, 19 Dec 1996 17:16:57 PST

Perhaps I am too fond of detail.

I wouldn't know. I certainly care about details when I'm creating
something. I'd rather _be_ Kant than _read_ Kant (that's figurative;
I don't really want to be Kant). Perhaps I value direct experience
too highly. YMMD=?Your Myers-Briggs May Differ.

For me, _Flow_ didn't, but I respect what I think M. C. was trying to
do. And, to recast Max's comment, it can be hard to publish something
much shorter than a book and get it distributed like a book.. "Bestseller
essay" is not yet a publishing category, unfortunately. There's also
the "weigh the thesis" effect.

Toffler's _Future Shock_, to pick another book, seemed to have about
two decent chapters in it.

Lakeoff's _Women, Fire and Dangerous Things (What Categories Reveal
About the Mind)_, on the other hand, only bogged down for me in the
appendices, where he takes on the opposition at agonizing length.

And I think very highly of Edward de Bono's work, but there is a
*lot* of overlap book-to-book and I consequently would rather teach
CoRT and related technologies than tell people to go out and buy all
his books.

Which raises the question of Extropian reading circles. I'd form one;
I'd join one; I might learn to appreciate aspects of authors I'd
otherwise miss. Anyone doing that in Si Valley?

MMB, at but not for OCC