Help! I want my creativity back!

Chris Hind (
Thu, 19 Dec 1996 01:10:06 -0800

Ever since I became a devout atheist ridding myself of the meme of
christianity I've funneled my creativity into logic while stifling it. I am
quite the optimist now but when I was younger I was chronically depressed
but I learned to control it and with that control went my creativity. Is
there a link between depression and creativity? Perhaps I need a round of
bad luck or two? I have been able to feel my creative side as though it
were tangible through certain types of music but can't quite grasp it. When
I was younger I used to be quite the horticulturist. Perhaps I need to get
back in touch with nature? Maybe I need to bring out my creative side
through mysticism such as wicca or other so-called new age religions?
Christianity was a tool that allowed a channel into my creative side. With
my increasing belief that things are ever more structuralized and logical I
seem to be losing creativity first and following that, emotion. Maybe I
need to surround myself with creative people and artists and bring it back.
What do you suggest? Please help!