Can we come up with a better definition of "extropy"?

Romana Machado (
Mon, 16 Dec 1996 10:57:22 -0800

>The definition of "extropy" has evolved over time. If there's to be a
>discussion of it, it would be good to begin with the most current version,
>as printed in Extropy #17.

Sounds like a good plan to me. I hope that the most current definition will
soon be more widely published and make its way to the web sites that
concern it, and that Max More and Tom Morrow are credited as its
originators forevermore.

>The current definition is" "Extropy -- the extent of a person's or a
>culture's intelligence, information, vitality, diversity, opportunity, and
>[personal] growth." "Personal" might be removed since it fits with person
>but not very well with culture.

Besides, it is already implied in "the extent of a person's...", yes?

I'm confused about the culture part. What does "cultural growth" mean?
Is the definition of culture in this context something near to "the
concepts, habits, skills, arts, instruments, etc. of a given people in a
given period"?
It means "more and more of lots of things we value", I guess. Okay then.

Information - having lots of it is good - but perhaps knowledge or learning
or understanding is even better. Why was experience removed from the list?

>While I'm all in favor of tuning up this definition, I caution against
>trying for a pseudo-precision. It's not a scientific measure.

Clearly not. Pseudoscience sucks.

Its a metaphor
>the the kinds of things we value, and for the overcoming of human limits in
>a perpetual process of improvement.

"A metaphor for the kinds of things we value." I think that's a great place
to begin. Our values define what "improvement" means to us, so "a perpetual
process of improvement" points back to the beginning.

Is "human" necessary in "for the overcoming of human limits"? Aren't we
interested in overcoming limits - of all kinds?

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