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>This post concerns time management: density measured as activities per
>unit of time.

>So what kinds of diverse approaches do you folks when making time? I
>know, this question is vague. Maybe a general response will lead to more
>specific inquiry. Any personal suggestions or references to liturature
>will be most appreciated.

Focus, focus focus!

Here is a formula that I use for body sculpting:

T + N + M + R = G

Which translates:

Training + nutrition + mental approach + recovery = muscle growth.

Muscles cannot grow unless there is a balance between workouts, food intake,
mental focus and relaxation. Interesting enough, relaxation or recovery is
most important because it is during this time that the muscle actually
develops and expands.

I use a similar formula in time management of my life. Balancing the amount
of time for work, pleasure, thinking, time to oneself and time for loved
ones, dropping out or sleeping.

>Time = Life: I want more!

Don't we all!

Alan Lakelin's _How To Get Control Of Your Time And Your Life_ is a good
read -- "How to build your wilpower, how to keep going without fatigue, how
to waste time for pleasure and profit, how to work smarter not harder."

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