Re: techno music/kraftwerk
Sat, 14 Dec 1996 02:14:48 -5

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> Any other Numanoids out there, past or present?. As far as I know, I'm
> the only person in North America who is aware of anything other than
> 'Cars.'

I was in high school when I first heard Gary Numan perform "Cars" and
another song (Praying To The Aliens?) I think on Saturday Night Live.
I was always interested in most anything that was innovative or
really different, and still am (most of the other kids thought I was
pretty weird, but I got along with most of them ok anyway). I took
an immediate liking to Numan's music and have four of his albums
("The Pleasure Principle", "Telekon", "Dance" and "I, Assassin"). I
also have stuff by Kraftwerk, Brian Eno, David Byrne, Laurie
Anderson, Devo, Synergy, Japan, Vangelis, Jean Michael Jarre,
Tomita, Tangerine Dream and other innovative artists from that time
period. I've always leaned towards music that has a futuristic theme,
or that at least challenges the status quo. I guess that's why I
took a liking to punk rock. It isn't extropic, but it does at least
challenge people to think for themselves. Bands like The Sex
Pistols, Dead Kennedys, The Clash, Circle Jerks, 999 and The Dickies
are some old favorites.

All of these artists had a substantial influence in becoming who I
am. Not so much in the actual ideas that were presented (though I
found some the ideology worthwhile), but more in that it prompted a
re-examination of the belief system that had been instilled in me by
family, friends, school and society at large.

Art, and especially music, is a very powerful force in shaping
individuals and society. It can have either good or bad results. So
those who want to use art to influence future society must use it
carefully. I think that the most important thing that one person can
"teach" or otherwise induce in another person is the desire and
ability to think critically not only about the physical world, but
about their own belief system and the mores of their society as well.
Sometimes the influence of art can be positive even if the message
is negative. So long as it influences the observer to think
independently and to challenge even his/her own views.


Peace, William Kitchen

The future is ours to create.