Re: Vegetarianism and Ethics

Romana Machado (
Fri, 13 Dec 1996 21:13:08 -0800

My point is, emotions have REASONS, they
>are not mystical in any sense, they ARE reasonable, they work on the
>principles of logic (we won't discuss WHAT logic *grin*), you may just
>have to step out and analyze it from the outside to discover it's true

Emotions have causes. All processes do. I think using words like
"purpose","logic", and "reason" might be taken to mean that processes have
meaning or even justice.

>you can not deny that evolution, whether it has
>failed in spots or not, has been goal oriented. Everything happens for a
>reason. Keep in mind that I am not insisting that it is being directed in
>any sense, because I am not.

Yes. A gene's goal is to make as many copies of itself as possible - to "be
fruitful and multipy". That is the extent of its direction. I still think
I'd agree that everything has a cause, not that everything has a reason.

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