Human Animals(was Vegetarianism and Ethics)

Peter Hook (
Fri, 13 Dec 1996 15:08:53 -0800

>I was also thinking about the idea of farming humans to eat. Humans
>expensive to feed, and they take several years to mature, but if
>really enjoyed human meat, is there anything wrong with farming them?

I've given the use of humans as animals some thought before. I've
come to the conclusion that it would be a bad idea because:

1) There are no guranties that I would not be kidnapped, lobotomized or
otherwised brainwashed, and thrown into the human farm or work station
or whatever.

2) It creates an immovable ruling class.

During slavery in this country it was not uncommon for free blacks
to be captured and sold into slavery. They could protest but no one
would believe them. I could be taken off the street and lobotomized.
I would not even be able to protest, much less be believed.

By delegating a part of humanity to farming or slavery we remove
them from the intellectual mainstream. A potential scientific genius
could be born and never contribute to the word in any way except
through his meat or his labor. This is part of the reason why I think
decent education for everyone is the way to maximize progress.

I'd be happy to expand on these ideas at a later date. I'll admit
now that if my arguements don't sound great its because I haven't
thought that much about it. Only through discussion will we find what
is closest to the truth.

Dan Hook