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Julio R. Vaquer (
Tue, 10 Dec 1996 22:55:50 -0700

Thanks for the exellent poem...I enjoyed it! It really hit the spot!

Julio R Vaquer

E. Shaun Russell wrote:

> To the moors and the afts of twilight's glare
> I have nothing, oh nothing, nothing to bear;
> To the purplish violet, to the crimson rose,
> My pockets are empty, not a thing to disclose;
> As I walk through the streets of the city-beau,
> With its horrors and hungers I shall never know,
> I speak to myself, I wonder aloud
> 'Bout the silence beyond the world's sheer shroud;
> "What lies up above?" I yell without fear
> At the top of my lungs for all men to hear,
> "How far can we go before there's an end
> To the vast universe upon which we depend?
> Or if there's no end how much will we see
> Of the space, the cosmos, of eternity?
> Will we find what we're after: the ultimate clue
> To the meaning of life, the answer that's true?
> Or will man never learn to surpass the bind
> To ethereal pleasures within his small mind?"
> It was at this time I looked up at the moon,
> Shook my head and hoped for an answer quite soon;
> I carried on down my merry old way,
> And have not found an answer to this very day.
> By: E. Shaun Russell
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