Re: A New Paradox

Paul Wakfer (70023.3041@CompuServe.COM)
10 Dec 96 05:18:55 EST

Eliezer wrote:

>Do you take only box B, figuring that you'll get the million dollars
>that will be there?
>Or do you take both boxes... on the theory that Omega has made his
>prediction and left, so you can't possibly get LESS money by taking both

And John wrote:

>Minds can be put into 3 categories based on their construction.
>1) Those who pick only box A and get a million dollars.
>2) Those who pick box A and B and get a lousy thousand dollars.
>3) Those who think they will pick box A, but once they walk into that room
> they will reason that Omega has already made his choice and so they might
> as well pick both boxes. These poor souls also lose out on the big bucks.

However, for me, a man who truly does not desire the unearned, there is no
paradox. For I am in a 4th category which contains those people who just shrug
their shoulders and walk away.

-- Paul --

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