Re: Remove The Net From The Grip Of The US Gov't! (Name.Space)

Chris Hind (
Mon, 09 Dec 1996 21:37:24 -0800

>A couple things here Chris:
>Why would you want to pay $25/month for your domain name? The Internic fee
>amounts to less than $5/month and they are accruing >$10 million a year from
>the fees alone.
>InterNIC is *not* a US Gov't organization.
>InterNIC does not do a background check. They don't even enforce the
>current heirarchy.
>Arbitrary, unstructured domain names will significantly impact the already
>mediocre performance of the DNS system. In fact, it could pretty much kill
>the root-level DNS servers due to loading. *Not* a good idea.
>And lastly, your post was packed to the gills with reactionary phrases like
>"overthrow the gov't centralized InterNIC" and "residues leftover from...the
>military-founded ARPAnet" which are generally misleading, and more to the
>point, irrelevant. It sounds like this guy has the "meme" concept down to a
>science because you bought into it hook, line, and sinker.
>This guy has been pushing the idea for about a year. At $25/month, this guy
>would make millions. No wonder he is pushing it so hard.

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