Re: Introduction...

James Rogers (
Sun, 08 Dec 1996 13:58:41 -0800

At 07:31 PM 12/8/96 +0100, you wrote:
>> > I guess the scary part is the fact that I was pretty into most of this
>> >stuff before I first read about Extropians in Wired 2.10,
>> Same here. I was into all these ideas as far back as I can remember. I
>> wonder how many of the people on the list are the same way?
>I think it's very common for things like this, that it's not something you
>become but something you are, and then discover a label to put on it.
I too was very involved in "Extropianism" for many, many years before I knew
who Extropians were. And like a lot of people, I too was introduced to the
official Extropian movement through that issue of Wired. I'll bet that
article did a world of good for increasing the ranks of active Extropians.

-James Rogers