Re: Introduction...

Chris Hind (
Sat, 07 Dec 1996 22:44:05 -0800

>Some of you may recognize my name from the Brain Tennis
>exchange HotWired in August. I think it would be fair to
>say, that all things considered, the extropian side
>more than held its own - it rocked.

Ahhh, so I FINALLY convinced you to start posting eh?

>Art by M.C. Escher.

Ahh, nice choice. H.R. Giger is also pretty cool (of aliens and species
design lore).

>Architecture by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Does anyone know of a good webpage relating to this guy?

> I guess the scary part is the fact that I was pretty into most of this
>stuff before I first read about Extropians in Wired 2.10,

Same here. I was into all these ideas as far back as I can remember. I
wonder how many of the people on the list are the same way?

>although the idea of tying it all together with an optimistic,
>future-minded, rational philosophy was new and compelling


>Some will wonder why this my first post on the list for
>someone who has followed extropianism for the last two years.

I too followed extropianism for about a year via websites prior to my
subscription to the list.

>I find myself in a bit of quandary. Since I find myself
>in agreement with the fundamental premises of Extropianism,
>I can't help but be in general accord with most of what is
>said on the list. To improve significantly on any of it
>would take rather a lot of thought. But original thought of course
>takes time - I want to live Extropianism and not just
>talk about it, so I've chosen to push on with my own studies and projects.

Whenever you have the time, Feel free Wade.

>Currently, I have various essays relevant to extropians
>at various stages of completion that I hope to finish up
>by the new year for putting on a web page I'm preparing.
>(I'm also working on a small molecular modelling program
>that might be useful for the design of "nanowidgets")

Beware. Make sure there is no misinterpretation of any material on your
webpage especially regarding the modelling program. There have been website
bashings lately.