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Tue, 3 Dec 1996 23:54:44 +0100

Somehow the body of this message didn't make it the first time around so
here we go agin.

> From: James Rogers

> This is sort of true, but not entirely. Assembly code, for example, was
> true improvement. ........
> I almost always get more
> development work done with a good text editor than with a fancy graphical
> environment.
> -James Rogers

James i feel like we are talking past each other. I don't doubt that the
best development tool right now for complex jobs is c++ or the like. All
i'm saying is that there must be a better way, and when we find that we can
develop even stronger tools and so on.

All your arguments have been used before when the change went from
assembler to c and from c to c++. They only last until the better tool show
up up and is being used by the majority of developers.

I don't think the thread will lead to anything new so i will pull out of it
before it gets to be a religious debate.
I will try to think up a graphical interface for an object oriented
language. When i'm done doing that i will post a message with a link to it.
Then we have something concrete to discuss.


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