Chris Hind (
Tue, 03 Dec 1996 02:07:53 -0800

>>Thats fine, lets just do *SOMETHING*
>NO! Let us not just do *SOMETHING*, because *SOMETHING* might just be
>a disaster.

I'm saying we should formulate an attack plan. Not go out there blatantly
and do it! I'm just plain sick and tired of this list repeating thread
after thread discussing the same topic until it entropizes into semantical
debates. We must discuss to a certain degree and then take action _before_
we destroy the thread.

>>>I am concerned about any "media attack" plan that starts off
>>>with finding out the geographic location of the subscribers to an
>>>email list.

I'm still not exactly sure what you're attempting to explain. I'm not
getting something.

>Do you have any idea how much harm a poorly designed media campaign can

Yes! It can do *alot* of harm. So lets design a good one.