Re: "zero-point energy"

Michael Lorrey (
Sun, 01 Dec 1996 21:26:42 -0500

James Rogers wrote:
> >As I said on the page and preeviously, it has nothing whatsoever to do
> >with so called "prepetual motion" "zero point energy" or any of that
> >other crap.
> Be careful what you throw into the "crap" category. Despite being dirtied
> by the blatant abuse of crackpots, "zero point energy" (or perhaps more
> correctly, "Lorentz-invariant zero point fields") is a very real phenomenon
> and has significant implications both in propulsion and physics in general.
snip snip.....
> I mean, who *wouldn't* be interested in the ability to arbitrarily modify
> inertial mass and gravitation? The applications would be endless.
> -James Rogers

I would definitely. The problem with energy that is at such an entropy
state is that its at the bottom of the potential barrel. Sure theres a
LOT of it down there, but its still down there rather than up here.

However, as you said, the biggest brains have no idea right now of how
to use it, while crackpots run around claiming breakthroughs galore that
they can never prove. The effect I am using in my device has been
demonstrated to work by others. I also have an expanded description on
my of a vector analysis
showing how it achieves its performance. It is rather simplified for
anyone to understand. WHat did you think of the multiphasic x-axis
output chart I put up here?

Unlike many I am willing to show others, as that is the only way I'm
gonna bring in the bucks, so long as others are willing to keep my
secrets. Anyone can download my nondisclosure agreement, complete it,
and send it with the required materials to my office.

If you can show my stuff to some people at Lockeed that are willing to
check it out, I would really appreciate it....


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