Re: How Atheism Helped Me

James Rogers (
Sun, 01 Dec 1996 16:09:52 -0800

At 03:34 AM 11/29/96 -0500, you wrote:
>To put this in perspective, consider this story from the New York Times,
>October 27, 1994, about children in an atheistic society:
>> Bucharest, Romania -- In a drab dormitory, small children old enough
>> to walk and talk grip the rails of their cribs in frustrated attempts at
>> locomotion, silently rocking back and forth. A playroom filled with
>> toys, a paradise of imagination and exercise donated by foreigners,
>> remains locked because the children's caretakers consider it too much
>> trouble to supervise. The caretakers, women in white uniforms, sit a
>> few yards away in the corridor, smoking and chatting.

The fact that it is an atheistic society has nothing to do with the issue
described. The problem is a social/moral/cultural/ethical/etc one. Issues
of moral responsibility have very little to do with whether or not a society
is "atheistic". The distinction of "atheistic" and "non-atheistic" won't
generate any separation of the abundance of social and moral crimes
committed throughout history.

-James Rogers