Recruit Marc Andreessen (was Re: MEDIA: Nanotechnology comment

Chris Hind (
Thu, 28 Nov 1996 20:56:18 -0800

>>Maybe we should contact Marc somehow and introduce him to the extropians?
>>This would increase the familiarity and public awareness of the group. He'd
>>be a valuable asset as well as a superior forward thinker. Also it makes me
>>wonder if Ross Perot invested in that nano company due to the possibility
>>for immortality. Many wealthy successful people will do that if the're
>Good idea! Marc Andreessen sounds like someone likely to be an Extropian.

The question is how do we get to him? Anyone know ANY POSSIBLE way of
contacting him? Does anyone have his email and does he actually read it?

>Maybe I missed something. Did Ross Perot invest in a nanotech company?
>Which one?

I believe he *owns* one but I do not recall the name. Something generic
nanotechy sounding.