Re: "Cyberpower" and futurism in Forbes magazine

Chris Hind (
Tue, 26 Nov 1996 11:39:58 -0800

>> We need to go public more often to spread our memes ANY WAY
>> POSSIBLE!! I strongly point in the direction of having a booth at
>> Trekkie conventions.
>Why stop there? My friend Jaga, the Hare Krishna devotee, told me
>she used to collect more than a thousand dollars a day at the Denver
>Airport; several thousand on a good day. And that was more than 20
>years ago, when a thousand dollars was more money than it is now.

Wow. Maybe it is a good method?

>Chris, why don't you go to the L.A. airport, wearing an Extropy t-shirt
>or some kind of Extropian costume (use your imagination), and ask for

Funny, I was just there 2 days ago to pickup someone. We want to make the
extropians look cool and stylish not nerdy so we can apply the memes to the
mainstream masses. They might find costumes or Tshirts hokey. Let me think
for awhile how we could do it in a stylish cool almost 'Wired
Magazine'-like way.

>summer I spent a lot of time in Huntington Beach. One afternoon I was
>approached five different times by Christians who wanted me to come
>to a revival meeting. The fifth time, when the guy asked me if I was a
>Christian, I said "No, I'm a Satanist," and a very interesting conversation


>There is no use being shy. Go public! Spread your memes ANY WAY

We need a happy medium we need to make the extropians appear 'cool' so
people join in but we need to spread specific memes that don't interfere
with their individual religious beliefs and slowly convert them to our
optimistic philosophy. You can also twist information for any use such as
religious or pollitical to make it sound like you're agreeing with their
ideals such as telling bleeding heart liberals that nano will be the
utility to accomplish their goal of world peace and unlimited wealth. (Even
though there will still be capitalism, we just won't meantion that!)