Re: Ira's Poetry Break

Michael Lorrey (
Mon, 18 Nov 1996 08:26:50 -0500

Ray Peck wrote:
> >Check out the Motorola website (must be, they've
> >progressed quite far Iridium-wise (which is just planetwide satellite
> >cellular), now they're trying to launch a Internet-thru-space
> >project,
> Huges has sateelite net access right now. See (note
> no T). I'm thinking of going for it in lieu of ISDN, but they never
> returned my email (bad sign), part of which asked if I can serve
> multiple IP addresses with it, by hooking it up to a WinNT-server
> machine and routing from it to my network.
> They only support Windoze machines at the moment.

The problem with Hughes satellites is their geosynch orbit. Being 23K
miles up, there is a significant lag time in transmission, slowing baud
rates considerably. THis is why Teledesic is going for LEO (200-400
mi.) with 840 sats to specifically offer ISDN rates by satellite.

Motorola's Iridium will be a good interim solution, if they open service
in the next year or so, with 14Kbaud rates. Teledesic will be up by