Re: the robot scenario

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Mon, 18 Nov 1996 9:47:10 -0500 said :-
> Does the scenario hold [...]
It could, if we don't handle things well. While not at all Extropian in
content, I'd recommend a reading of the unusual fantasy novel
"Always coming Home" by Ursula LeGuin. While set in a "primitive" human
future, it slowly becomes clear that there has been a split during the
in which "The city of Mind" (computer enhanced intelligences) has long
left Earth, but remains (just) in contact with "the city of Man", who
stick (by choice) with
their purely human emotions and motivations. They regard the remaining
of humans as a small but vital part of the Earth ecosystem which they
have rebuilt
after a collapse. I'm pretty sure that LeGuin meant the readers to
identify with
occupants of the City of Man... My mileage certainly differed.

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