Re: Transforming Ourselves

Chris Hind (
Sun, 17 Nov 1996 22:08:27 -0800

>> So, what can we do to prevent ourselves from being destroyed?
>Wait a minute -- destroyed? Just because an entity is more powerful
>and intelligent than humans doesn't mean it's going to set out to destroy
>us. Sun Microsystems is way more intelligent and powerful than I am,
>but I don't consider it a threat to my existence.

To prevent being destroyed the dominant being must be much more intelligent
than the other being so as to be out of the range of competition. An
example of this would be say you have three brothers, two brothers are born
1 year apart from the other while the third brother is five years apart
from the second brother. There will be more cut-throat competition between
the two brothers born 1 year apart than the brother born five years away
from the other two. See my point?