Re: Less Art, More Content

Max M (
Sun, 17 Nov 1996 23:15:52 +0100

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This is my way cool signature message!!

> From: Chris Hind <>
> My opinion on the signal-to-noise ratio problem is that we should have a
> broader range of topics about all sorts of newly discovered technologies


> Why go
> over the same old stagnant topics?!?

Well for one thing if you consider the maillist to be only for *oldtimer*
extropians you are right. But new members (like myself) probably has a need
to get up to speed in some of the topics that you consider basic
kindergarten Extropianism. If not it will soon be a very closed circle with
nothing to discuss as the same old ideas reapers. Isn't that a catch 22?

> We want
> progress and the generation of new technologies which will empower us to
> transform and transcend our current form

right again