Re: Holograms -vs- Augmented Reality

Ira Brodsky (
Sat, 16 Nov 1996 12:13:45 -0600

Chris Hind wrote:

>I've been considering this thought, if augmented reality (superimposing
>digital images over the real world by using a transparent headmounted
>display) is right around the corner, why are we still working on
>developing true color holography for public displays and television? Also
>I'd like to know your opinions as to which is better because AR is a step
>towards uploading where holograms are a step away.

I don't get why they have to be mutually-exclusive.

I studied holography (part-time) for a couple of years. As I remember, it
has many applications including information storage, security, image
recognition, and diagnosing mechanical stresses.

It's also possible that holography will play a key role in augmented
reality. One of my favorite holograms is one that projects the image of a
microscope into the space directly in front of the film. When you walk up
to the image, you can actually look through the lens of the microscope and
see the magnified object!

That reminds me of another potential application of holography:
lightweight, high-power lenses that can be rolled up and transported into
space in poster-mailer tubes.

Ira Brodsky
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