Sexy Prey!
Wed, 13 Nov 1996 13:01:26 -0400

Stephen de Vries wrote:
>...Most men are not sexy because they don't really see themselves as the
'prey', therefore they don't need to look beautiful.

Sexy & beautiful = ability of prey to attract the hunter? Somehow, I just
know you're not involved in a meaningful relationship.

Most men are not sexy? Duh! Some men are not sexy because their higher
brain functions are inabled. The earth is full of poised, confident,
ingenuous, beautiful men willing to learn, grow, and to take the risk of
equal responsibility and caring. Life is not a hunting party. Like attracts

>If you earn enough money, you're automatically entitled to a beer belly
>and cheap cologne, without jeopordising your mating chances too much.

First, nobody has THAT much money! The mating chances of the inabled are
equal to 3-second voluntary copulation with similar prey - with dissimilar
prey, by force. If mating means impregnating the prey, fine. If mating
means a bonding partnership, the guy is a loser.

>This is also mostly the female's fault for having the 'I can't funciton on
>my own and need someone to protect me' meme.

I'm going to slap your mind buster! No, come to think of it, I'll need a
12-gauge to hit that tiny target. Pray prey.

d'ammo or I shoot