Re: accept no limits

Anders Sandberg (
Wed, 13 Nov 1996 15:33:38 +0100 (MET)

On Tue, 12 Nov 1996, Dejan Vucinic wrote:

> The Bekenstein Bound is just a corollary of the quantum nature of
> Nature.

True. What I really ment with my challenge, was to show that there
are ways to circumvent the Bound even without introducing unknown
physics. One of the most obvious would be to let the energy increase
in a region without limit, that would enable an infinite amount of
information (this may happen during the Big Crunch).

> It
> seems to my humble consciousness that a similar thing is happenning to
> string theory at the moment, but I'm just an interested observer and I
> don't want to nurture hyperbole. If a revolution is indeed in progress,
> I expect we'll end up with a more fundamental theory resulting in QM as
> its observable approximation.

Perhaps. But it has been rather quiet on the string front, I think
the theory got stuck in mathematics and didn't get to the physical
side. Still, some results are fascinating.

> Beware, in a stringy universe the concept
> of spacetime itself emerges from the theory; in contrast, in QM it's the
> stage on which the events happen.

Yes, this is the most important problem to be solved. Personally I
am more interested in non-manifold possibilities; who said spacetime
is continuous?

> Perhaps the quantum layer will prove
> to be the last useful one for practical storage of information or
> computation, but there's no way for us at this point in history to
> comprehend what realms might lie beyond (boars and pearls come to mind).

Exactly. There might be "information horizons" in physics, levels of
structure that information cannot flow well through (such as the
quantum level; the strings may have their own working information
systems, but cannot interact in any useful way with the emergent
structures on a larger level, which cannot influence the strings
since they are epiphenomena).

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