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Subject: Launch of Electric Minds
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Dear Science / Computer Science Site,

This morning, prominent author and futurist Howard Rheingold launched
ELECTRIC MINDS (http://www.minds.com), an online destination where
and knowledge seekers gather to share news, analysis and opinion about
technology, science, computers and their affect on peoples' lives. We
inviting individuals and users at technology, college and social
sites to participate and share a common vision with us, as developing
community is essential to long-term success of the Web and loyalty and
connection between people is as important as ideas and information. By
balancing content and online conversation, Electric Minds is driving
evolution of the Web from a publishing medium into a social medium -
Social Web.

We are *not* just a magazine online - who would care?! We are a living,
breathing, dynamic community where some of the smartest thinkers from
around the Net will come each day to discuss, debate and connect with
ideas, visions and news of our brave new Web world. More than product
reviews or digital fashion, Electric Minds is about meaning and

Recently, Jerry Michalski of Release 1.0 commented, "Most Web sites
content, context or conversations. Few do any worthwhile integration of
three elements, and none enrich the combined materials over time, and
them into long-lived resources for use in other media. Electric Minds
the first company I have seen that is creating such an environment.
it combines crafted points of view, snappy conversations and links to
such conversations across the Net, its system should have broad

As a virtual community, we combine content from high-profile
with facilitated conversations using Web conferencing systems.
for the site include HTML guru Laura Lemay, VRML co-creator Mark Pesce,
former San Francisco Chronicle online commentator Bob Rossney, Virtual
Reality author and Silicon Graphics VR evangelist Linda Jacobson and
others of similar repute. Rheingold himself wrote the bestselling book,
Virtual Community: Homesteading on the Electronic Frontier, which sold
100,000 copies in 6 languages. Furthermore, we are a global family, as
have contributors from Japan, Australia, France, Germany, England and
across the US giving street-level reports on technology and digital
as it happens. We are part university, part laboratory, part magazine
part thinktank.

We look forward to your participation, feedback and enthusiasm in our
adventure - see you there!

The Electric Minds Team