Re: Beautiful Men

Chris Hind (
Mon, 11 Nov 1996 13:07:00 -0800

At 08:04 11/11/96 UT, you wrote:
>Chris Hind is wondering why women appear so elegant and beautiful to him
>men appear bland and boring. He's wondering if he'd view it differently, if
>he was a different intelligent species, looking at humans.
>Chris, you're a guy. Of course you think women look beautiful.

Hahahaha. Duhh the obvious! :)

>I think women
>look beautiful too. I've noticed something about myself, which I think
may be
>common among most males, is that I tend to look at women much more than I
>at men. If I am passing a group of people, my mind seems to automatically
>look for the women. I think that males' obsession with women causes us to
>them as more beautiful than men.

A genetic/hormonal influence on our thinking?

>I also think that most men are very
>reluctant to recognize the beauty of other men, since homophobia is so
>in our society.

I agree with that earlier drag clothing comment. Men dress in drab clothing
and the only men who don't usually aren't hetero.

>I've allowed myself to recognize the beauty of other men, and I think that
>are as beautiful as women. It is a different sort of beauty, a different
>style, but I think both men and women are very beautiful. It's a matter of
>allowing yourself to see that. And not being scared of unexpected emotions.

I suppose we _can_ recognize the beauty of men without being attracted to them.