Re: Universal Translators
Sun, 10 Nov 1996 01:15:59 -5

> Our current language is like how computers across the internet talk to each
> other via TCP/IP when we use a completely different language to think. I
> think that we will migrate toward a more visual-based language such as
> highly detailed stories but created quickly with tools to relay alot of
> information to another individual.

An interesting idea indeed. People think, at least partly, in the
language that they use to communicate. But unfortunately, language
is created primarily for communication between individuals, not for
managing ideas within an individual's own mind. I suspect that it
is possible to improve intelligence by creating a language that
better facilitates thinking. Just as you've suggested, such a
language could be oriented more towards visualization rather than
the usual serial stream of sounds or written symbols. The "grammar"
of such a language could provide for language constructs of two or
more dimensions. It could also be used for communication, just like
any other language, but would be conveyed as 2d graphics, or even 3d
models. It should probably have no spoken counterpart since that
would difficult to reconcile with its non-linear nature, and would
likely be detrimental to the mode of thinking that it is intended to

I think that the development and experimental use of such a language
would be a fascinating endeavor.


Peace, William Kitchen