Bio/Silicon Brain Hybrid (was Re: Making the Most of What We

Chris Hind (
Sat, 09 Nov 1996 20:03:54 -0800

>> Thanks for a posting which mentions a much avoided topic re
>> transhumanism and
>> uploads - BUGS! If my experience with my PC is any guide, I will be wary
>> of uploading for quite some time...
>Yes, creating a stable environment for uploads is a nontrivial problem.
>We need a large number of processes that interact in a robust, efficient
>way (no, no upload can run as a single process - physics prevents that
>powerful single processor systems, we have to go parallel) that can
>withstand errors, breakdowns and crashes.

Take it beyond this. Perhaps we will not be able to upload to silicon very
well. Perhaps we'll need to create better and better combination
bio/silicon brain structures and nano transplant your brain into the mass
to grow into the new brain structure like bone grows into coral. We all
know that bio doesn't crunch numbers well and silicon doesn't parallel
process as well as bio does so we need a centrist view of the optimal brain
habitat and structure. Merging the best of both.