Re[2]: Universal Translators
Fri, 08 Nov 96 12:28:48 MST

>>Also, our hearing is more capable than most people think. I have seen
>>experiments where blind people were able to echo-locate objects with a cross
>>section of 1 square inch in a room using their own voice, and could detect
>>changes in position of 3" at a distance of 15' of objects with a
>>cross-section of 1 square inch. Non-blind people tend to only have a range
>>of 3-7', but everyone possesses the capability. I actually took one of
>>these tests. My effective range was 5-6'. Most people don't know they can
>>do it until they try.

>What evolutionary advantage does this pose?

It would help fighting in the dark. Might also help with sex in the
dark. (Assuming these two activities are different).