Re: Defunct Democracy

Stephen de Vries (
Fri, 8 Nov 1996 12:28:46 GMT2

On Thu, 07 Nov 1996 Michael Lorrey wrote:

> > "Who shall lead?"
> > "Why, he who is most fit to lead."
> >
> > MMB, at but not for OCC
> Show a demonstration of fitness and I'll think about it.
> A demonstrably large percentage of the supposed intellectual elite
> around today remind me more of the sniveling latinos of the late Roman
> empire that let the barbarians in the gates, than the early ones whos
> mother's told them, "Come home with your shield or on it."
> As for leading today's whining masses? Excuse me I've got better things
> to do.

> TO me, leading is by action and example, not by political maneuvering,
> rhetorical warfare, and pandering to the most common denominators.

>Exactly. Leadership does not have to be anything about politics, to
me leadership is the application of power. By using resources to
start a new business enterprise or spread a new meme, you are being a

> I
> would show much more leadership by getting the hell off this planet just
> to prove that all the crap that people claim is a bunch of nonsense.

Different craps for different chaps ;-)

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