Re: Survival (was Defunct Democracy)

Stephen de Vries (
Fri, 8 Nov 1996 12:17:38 GMT2

On Wed, 06 Nov 1996 Michael Lorrey wrote:

> > Success in this universe is determined by who survives. If it came
> > down to a battle of life or death between humans and cereal - my
> > money's with the humans.
> >
> Of course your money is with humans, you are one. But if it's just who
> survives, then my bet is with the hypertheormophilic bacteria. Using
> Mars as an example, the latest word is that a Martian meteroite tested
> by British scientists which is only 600,000 years old has the same life
> traces as the 15 million year old rock publicized earlier. This second
> rock is from a period of maritan history when the environment was pretty
> much the same as it is right now, leading to the high possibility that
> there are still such organisms in volvanic vents and under the crust of
> Mars.
> SO if simple survival proves superiority, the HTP bugs will be here long
> after we are gone.

Because we have evolved to be such flexible organisms, I think we
have a better chance of surviving a wider range of catastrophes (sp?)
than do the HTPs.

I see survival as our only goal in this universe. For the first time
in the known history of evolution we don't have to worry so much
about solving our short term survival problems like guessing where
the next meal is coming from. We now have the opportunity to start
solving our problems of 100 years from now.

But the sole drive behind all our activity is still survival.

Stephen de Vries
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