Re: Defunct Democracy

Chris Hind (
Wed, 06 Nov 1996 22:54:48 -0800

>> Unfortunately, this assumes that ANYONE should be "in power" Look at
>> the biggest organisms on the planet- coral reefs, Mangroves,
>> underground
>> molds, and hyperthermophilic communities in the earth's crust. The HTP
>> biomass is estimated to exceed 90% of all the living mass on the planet.
>> None of these has anything like a central authority, yet they are the
>> most successful organisms.
>Popular opinion (including mine) has it that _we_ are the most
>successful organisms.

Popular opinion, yes but it should be decided by which organism is the most
complex and can manipulate their environment the most.

>Well, you may be right, the way things are going.
>I had a talk with my cereal this morning...
>The cereal community is really concerened because
>it is losing it's rich, diverse texture.. Too many cross breedings of cereals
>and grains, combined with the
>grinding and blending of different cereals together
>are causing the cereals to lose their individual
>identities. Their flavor, so to speak.
>A new government program is being discussed which
>protects the rights of various grains. As cross cereal
>issues become more complex, I am sure we will have regulations which ensure
>that all cereals are equal.

It really amazes me how it's possible to create such complexity about such
a simple topic. :-)