Oops! sorry about that

Chris Hibbert (hibbert@netcom.com)
Tue, 05 Nov 96 17:00:15 -0800

I "R"eplied to sasha's message, and didn't notice that, as usual, it
had a reply-to: field of extropians. No replies to me necessary. I
will redouble my vigilance.

Sorry to interrupt,

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Message-Id: <199611052115.NAA09560@netcom3.netcom.com>
To: extropians@extropy.org
In-Reply-To: sasha1@netcom.com's message of "Mon, 04 Nov 96 22:58:27 PST."
cc: hibbert@netcom.com
Date: Tue, 05 Nov 96 13:15:06 -0800
From: Chris Hibbert <hibbert@netcom.com>

I received a message from you that looked like it was intended either
for extropians or most of the subset who are on netcom, but somehow,
all I got was the header.


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