Re: The Property Protocol

Ian Goddard (
Tue, 05 Nov 1996 00:04:08 -0500

At 09:27 PM 11/4/96 -0500, Suresh Naidu wrote:

>> Ian Goddard wrote:
>> > Allocation of resources by consumer choice, by the voice
>> > of the people, founded upon the theory and application of private
>> > property, contract law, and tort liability consistently prove to
>> > yield maximal social outcomes [SNiP]
>Vote by the dollar, huh?

> That's not "the voice of the people". That translates into a dollar a
> vote. The people with the money get the ability to influence the lives of
> everybody else. So I guess it's the "voice of the people who count"

IAN: You claim that it's "not 'the voice of the people',"
yet you've not presented an argument to support your claim.

You make the claim and then observe that people with money have
influence. True enough. You then seem to concede my observation
in part, that it's the "voice of people who count."

But after all this, my point that the allocation of capital in
the market is the voice of the people, still holds. The "people
who count" are the people who the people vote for, the people
who the people count on.

I vote for those who most effectively service my needs. A cruel
task master am I. My ballots are limited only by the degree to
which I do or do not service the needs of others. Democracy
cannot possibly give all candidates an equal share of the
votes, such would be the logical abolition of the demo-
cratic process, and yet that's exactly what the soc-
ialist yearns for.

> Oh, great, and The Words of God(tm), are a good basis for dealing with
> society. Why should we accept poverty? If we are talkking about such
> grandiose things as uploading, Dyson Spheres and immortality, why can't
> we discuss utopias for all. It shouldn't be beyond humanity's grasp.

IAN: We'll just wave our magic wand -- utopias for all
and for all a central planner. The wonders of magic.

It occurs to me that I presented you with evidence that your anarcho-
socialist ideas required central planners, and you never presented
a logical argument to defeat that point, in fact I think you just
avoided it. Nevertheless, here you are plowing full steam ahead
with your illogical utopias. This therefore forces me to toward
the conclusion that your not an honest but a magical thinker.
Did I miss your counter argument?

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