Re: Sex for procreation only- offlimits to uploads! (was Nean
Mon, 4 Nov 1996 13:00:01 -0500

Eugene writes:

>>To repeat it for the umpteenth time: there is nothing intrinsically holy
or beautiful in the act of sex.

I never said sex was holy - you said that.
I look forward to enhancing intimacy and cherish
it for its own sake. Here and now.

>>Sex is an artefact of evolution, tailored to fulfill its range of tasks
(mostly, autoreplication) it was designed to do. Period.

Ok, you have determined sex is purely for procreation.
I see no supporting argument, but even with one:
So what? Do you have a problem with other people
enjoying sex? Valuing it? You dont value it, OK,
don't have it, but is your criteria for advancement the "correct", hence only
available one for me? For all?

Once the entire background situation changes qualitatively, sex is obsolete.
Trying to perpetuate sex, particularly to drag along sex in an upload
mind ecology all the way up to Omega, is, sorry to say it, simply
Eugene, sex is a rather enjoyable part of being human.
Your response is understood, and I must point out it
has nothing to do with my post. Dragging something
into other people's uploads has never been my thing.
The original response was addressing the type of
addictive sex Rich mentioned, and his use of
the word transcend. I suggested intergrating it to
a more balanced process.
I wasnt talking about posthumans, BTW, but while
we are on the subject, if one could manage to keep
some kind of intimacy linked to a chemical response,
it might enhance an upload's pleasure and real time communication. We may
chose to include sensory " anachronisms" in ourselves to keep some "human"
in posthumanity ( those who desire it).. see it as an option.
You can skip that software.
: ) Anyway, I assume pleasure will be different for each individual.