Two books

Mitchell Porter (
Mon, 4 Nov 1996 10:09:35 +1000

Two book recommendations:

_Quantum Technology_, by Gerard Milburn (Allen & Unwin - an Australian
publisher, on the web at; I don't know
who's in charge of distribution outside of Oz).

A pop-science book on atom optics, quantum electronics, quantum
encryption and quantum computation, by an atom-optics researcher.
Lots of interesting concepts, like "optical crystal" (an array of atoms
held at the nodal points of an electromagnetic standing wave). One
reason I like this book is just that, for several such topics, it's the
only book about them that I've seen in print so far. (Another good
feature: bibliography, and names and locations of researchers.)

_Holy Fire_, by Bruce Sterling. (My copy comes from Millennium Books
in the UK.) His new novel. Life extension, gerontocracy, posthumanist
artists. Greg Egan's _Diaspora_ will probably be good too, but it's not
in print yet.