Re: ; - )Neanderthal Miracles
Sun, 3 Nov 1996 18:25:10 -0500

Rich Artym writes:
>>Actually, nothing that's hormone-driven makes much sense and is free of

You mean that's what held up DHEA research? ; -P

<We have our work cut out trying to transcend it all though,
because the first step down that path is to have the will to do it, and
there isn't much of that about when it comes to things that are as fun
and as addictive as sex.>

Do we need to follow the monks and spocks and
assume (probable origins religion based guilt
meme) the path to transcending the limits of sexual
addictions would be the abolition of sexuality?
How about intergrating it more successfullly into a
process that is beneficial for optimal living.