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On Nov 2, 5:45pm, Lyle Burkhead wrote:

} Some artists start with an ism, and try to have the right thoughts
} as defined by their ism. They have the right thoughts about sex,

} Other artists see isms as constraints to be escaped from. A real artist
} has no sacred cows or isms or ideas. A real artist cuts through all kinds

} I'm not saying this distinction is always easy to make, nor that real
} artists are always better than political artists. Some political artists
} produce very good work, and most "real" artists are not in the same

Steven Brust's _The Sun, the Moon, and the Stars_ has nothing to do with
Extropianism, but might be interesting to the people in and following
this thread. It's also conveniently in print again, thanks to Tor.


"It's good, but I don't like it."

(on David(?) and other French Revolution artists/propagandists) (the
narrator-painter doesn't like Art With a Message): "Maybe because they
didn't think of themselves as doing art, but as doing propaganda, but
were so good anyway that they raised propaganda to the level of fine

"What's the point of anti-nuclear art? It doesn't tell anyone anything
new. Nukes are bad, everyone agrees."

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