Re: ; - )Neanderthal Miracles
Sat, 2 Nov 1996 11:42:44 -0500

Lyle, still smitten with his sex slave fantasy, writes:
>>This is very, very bizarre. I wish I could show this post to Leslie and
watch the expression on her face. The word "sexist" never entered her mind.
She would never use such language. That was one thing we had in common. >

The ONLY thing I am sure ; - )
SEXIST: what women call you when they DONT want you
to have sex with them.

>I take my miracles when I can get them... Leslie didn't have a great mind,
but in her limited way she was a real artist, not a "political" artist.>

That is BAITING of the first order, Lyle, there is no
such thing as being either one and you know it.

>(I'm using the past tense because she died last year, more or less the same
way Jimi Hendrix died.)

OooooH! Sorry, Now i know what you mean by "real artist"!
A dead one.

But Lyle you said your miracle didn't involve any mystic
event! What about the resurection she had to have to be
your slave? Has there been some new South African breakthrough involving
dead beauties? Or you trying to
start another trend: Necrophilia?

>I basically agree with your conclusion, and I intend to find a woman who
shares my interests and passions. The amazing thing is that my interests &
passions, which used to be extremely esoteric, have suddenly become the
trendiest thing on campus. Another miracle.

TRUE! you win.