Re: Re[2]: The Worker / Employer Relationship
Fri, 1 Nov 1996 20:41:24 -0500

"banjo" writes in reply to what seems like a version of Ayn Rand's Trader
Principle called WE ARE ALL SELF EMPLOYED)

"I'm not that alienated from the human race"

Yes, although I _like_ the trader principle as a guide to interactions with
people we care little about, and even
*some*interactions that we do with loved ones,
because we often need to step back and regain our
autonomy, the trader principle to me *alone*is a bit
grim, and emotionally bereft. It lacks a connective
empath. It can, if abused, be a real wall...even perhaps an excuse for fear
of intimacy.

I hear, in the real world, concrete level,street level,
a rumor that folks be into just plain ol' loving. Why?
Maybe cuz it feel damn good ; - )