Re: Uploading

Chris Hind (
Fri, 01 Nov 1996 12:20:28 -0800

>The easiest way to do an upload is the paint by numbers approach, replace
>each neuron with something much smaller and faster. To do this you'd need to
>have a good understanding about neurons operate but you wouldn't need to
>how the brain as a whole operates. As you point out this is very limiting,
>a billion fold increase in speed and immortality is about all we could
>from it. To design something better we'd need to understand how intelligence
>operates, and that could be enormously difficult. It could take uploads
>100,000 years of vigorous research to figure it out, that's about an hour
>in our time.

With faster brains imagine how that would change our society and social
skills. Unless you had nanites, your body wouldn't be able to keep up with
your brain so you'd need to slow it down. Someone could then ask you a
question and you could set your brain into ultrafast thinking mode and
ponder it for a few thousand years, sum it up into a sentence and answer
the question. More would be accomplished in one second then in the entire
history of the human race.