Re: x-troptians

Robin Hanson (
Fri, 1 Nov 96 10:39:12 PST

Anders Sandberg writes:
>What about making Halloween the time when the spooks of luddism, statism
>and deathism haunt the night, and entropy is in the air? Children dress up
>as Jeremy Rifkin and threaten to play tricks if they do not receive

Last night I was thinking about "Casper the friendly cryonicist".
Sometimes a negative type (eg frozen heads or ghosts) can be made
postive by creating a nice and likeable but misunderstood character of
that type. People then identify with the misunderstood part. Kids
choose halloween characters the identify with and like in some way.
So creating a misunderstood frozen head halloween character could be a
good thing.

Robin D. Hanson