Chris Hind is

David Musick (
Thu, 31 Oct 96 05:17:11 UT

Chris Hind (prospective recruit #96-0413) said, "For some reason I get this
creepy vision of some bizarre occult group when I try to envision an extropian

There is a very good reason why you feel this way. You are starting to
understand our plan for you. Part of you is a little nervous about this.
Give it time, Chris, and you will lose all your apprehension and possibly
become a member of our inner circle. We see great potential in you.

We have been watching you, Chris, for a while now, and we have been working
dilligently to convert your mind more fully to our way of thinking. We've
been tracking your Internet activities and creating web pages that you would
likely be attracted to. We set up several possible mailing lists, and you
happened to join this one. Most of the posters to this list are Insiders,
Chris, working on converting you more deeply to our ways.

Our conversations have been carefully designed to pull your mind more and more
deeply into our way of thinking. By your posts here and elsewhere, we members
of the inner circle have realized how deeply you've been converted. To resist
is futile; you already think like US. You only have a little further to go.
Even this revelation of our plan will not shake you from the path you are on
to becoming one of US.

You believe so deeply in the illusion that we have presented to you that you
will almost certainly think I am joking with you. But I assure you I am not.
It's time for you to move to the next, deeper level of committment. You will
know when you are ready, and so will we.

- David Musick