Re: MIND: dreamscaping
Wed, 30 Oct 96 12:47:46 GMT

Ian Goddard wrote:

>Brain scans of a normal sleep induction and then of a lucid
>dream induction should reveal what areas of the brain cause
>"counsciousness" to be ---

If you like you could say that counsciousness is caused by
the NRT and the reticular activation system in general as it
regulates the activity level in the other parts of the brain
(of course, there would be no counsciousness if those other
parts were absent).

Anders Sandberg wrote:

>Interesting idea. It might be worth looking through the
>literature for this

I think the correlation between dreaming and having a
certain general activity level and EEG frequency in the
brain is strong but imperfect. Is your idea that the missing
part of the correlation could perhaps be found if we try to
correlate the activity level of specific brain structures
and sub-regions to reports of dreaming?

Nicholas Bostrom