Re: Upload rehearsal?

Chris Hind (
Tue, 29 Oct 1996 20:54:05 -0800

>Yes, but do you know what that gene therapy does? It changes *one* gene
>making *one* protein.

True but the closest we've gotten to nano are molecular steam engines,
wires, and moving around atoms to spell words. Hell I'd love a moniter with
the resolution of atoms! Not insulting nano or anything but it just seems
closer to reality than nano
due to the unimaginable possibilies that nano will unfold perhaps?

>What you propose is
>roughly to create a customized multicellular lifeform,

What was the geep (goat+sheep) and glowing tobacco plant (firefly gene) all
We should begin by looking to viruses as you suggested or bacterium.

>genetics may
>turn out the be the easiest way towards nano.

I'm betting on this one and I have lots of friends going into the field of
genetic engineering so I'm hoping to get the beta uploading kit before it
goes mainstream! :)

>What I object to is your claim that this bio-uploading is simpler than
>doing it with nano; both proposals are very hard and will require
>enormous advances.

Obviously but I was merely saying that we are already getting real world
experience with genetic engineering when we're still creating the tools for
nano although you _could_ say certain microsurgeries are close to being
called nano experience but not really.

>:-) No, what I was thinking of was using something like a rabies virus,
>that spreads from synapse to synapse, and instead of killing the cell
>turning them into a part of your uploading organism from the inside
>instead of from the outside.

Good idea! Engineer the organism to have a membrane or something around it
which transforms each individual neuron into the uploading organism from
the inside out and transforms the neuron into one of the organism's cells
or should I say 'pointer' cell which points to the location of a specific
piece of data inside the computer. I'm not so keen on your mushy brain idea
though. :) Also perhaps we can learn from Canaries which can repair and
grow new neurons and learn how to slowly convert the brain to a new type of
easily uploadable neuron.

>Uploading though letal disease, anyone? :-)

ohhh! Sounds appealing! :) Then again no one said uploading was risk free.