Re: Upload rehearsal?

Chris Hind (
Sat, 26 Oct 1996 18:41:35 -0700

> Thanks, have his books on my shelves (read them too!), but my question
>was phrased poorly..."Is anyone familiar with somewhere I could physically
>transport myself to in order to *experience* (undoubtedly only one of many
>theoretical ideas of "what" the uploaded lifestyle would feel like) a type
>of "upload" consciousness?" I am referring to "shedding the body" (hence
>involving sensory deprivation to diminish sensory input), and using
>thought (?) to manipulate a "created" environment.

Read the Bible's book of Genesis and thats pretty much how the uploaded
lifestyle would be. You could create anything spontaneously or rapidly
evolve it from a metaphysical goo just by thinking about it because an
algorithm could read your virtual brainwaves. You could then proceed to
create an entire universe, possibly one even better designed than we
currently have. Then you could proceed creating worlds with thousands of
living organisms on them. You could multitask your brain and create multiple
things at the same time dividing up the brain's timeslices for multiple
tasks of various sorts. You could keep areas of your universe private only
allowed to you or specified people such as friends and you could make parts
that are public like websites are.