Re: Why Left-Anarchy = Statism

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Sat, 26 Oct 1996 18:40:26 +0100

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Suresh Naidu writes:

> It's not a legal web, it's an economic one. However, if anyone wants to
> leave they can, and do whatever they want. But people will not stand for
> theives or dictators. Noting stops a person from going off and living off
> the land, and they might even keep ties with society. Imagine a woodsman
> opening a solar powered laptop to offer environmental reports.

Unfortunately, it's a legal web too. If the woodsman goes off and lives
off the land, sets up his solar-powered laptop and then sells his solar-
generated power (or his computing facilities) to his neighbours, then
the hand of State will grab him by his profits, even if they're zero.
Try to ignore it and, ultimately, if you try to protect your personal
standards, a pile of armed troopers with "legal" status will blow your
brains out. Law is only reasonable if you live within the envelope set
by the law-makers, but step outside of it and reason no longer comes
into it, let alone freedom of the individual.

Law and freedom are, despite the best intentions of advocates, in practice
at loggerheads. It doesn't have to be so, as it's quite easy to conjure
up laws that do not preset standards but merely enshrine an individual's
rights to his own values; unfortunately, today's lawmakers seem quite
unable to grasp that concept, possibly because it entails a reduction in
their power. Whether this impasse can be overcome before that power is
rendered inoperative by the effects of nano or net crypto is a matter of


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