Re: The Worker / Employer Relationship
Tue, 22 Oct 1996 10:45:54 -0400

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(Suresh Naidu)wrote:

<< Dignity comes with freedom, and it's very hard to be free while slaving
for someone else. >>

You call it "slaving" . . . I call it "working". Would you rather the "poor
masses " be lazy and NOT work at all? I see . . . you want them to just live
off the work of the "rich". But that could even be a problem:

1. Ok, start your own company and work for yourself. You'll feel free and
have dignity. That's what farmers do.

2. What if you need help? Hire people to help you. Oh, I'm sorry you
wouldn't want THAT! Then you would be a slave master. Right? According to
you anybody who helps someone else is a slave and the person being helped is
a slave master. Even if the "slave" gets paid and becomes rich.

This is what I'm getting out of your statements.