Re: the Turing test

Ira Brodsky (
Mon, 21 Oct 1996 17:23:45 -0600

Lyle Burkhead wrote:

>Are you willing to state, on the basis of your own judgment, that the
>posts attributed to "Chris" are written by Chris? Likewise for "Dan,"
>"Damien," and everyone else. If you are not willing to make such a
>statement, why not?

Come on. The reason I am not willing to make such a statement is that I
(like most people) don't have the time to carefully read and analyze all
50+ posts per day.

If you can assure me that during this experiment the AI is operating
completely on its own, and the "real person" is not permitted to post to
rescue the AI from giving itself away, then I can describe a test that
would resolve this question (assuming all of the humans cooperate).

The fact the "AI" is using a borrowed identity also suggests it has some
serious weaknesses. Really, what you are telling us is it is imitating
someone -- not "thinking" for itself.

Ira Brodsky
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